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Welcome to my website!!!

Thank you for taking this moment to get to know my work as a painter.


I am an immensely  happy woman  for many reasons and one of them is being able to express myself through art. Art has allowed me to link myself from within to the interior of other people, and that is a Blessing that I am grateful for every day.


I was born on February 4, 1968 in Arica, Chile.

Since I can remember I was linked to the world of art through my mother, who showed me this beautiful world of colors, shapes and textures through art books, the observation of Nature and in everyday life, awakening in me a love for painting, drawing and aesthetics that remains intact to this day. 


At the age of 18, I moved to Santiago to study in the Catholic University of Chile, where I obtained the title of Designer.

I practiced my profession for a few years, since I made a change in my life when my first child was born, I decided to dedicate myself to raising him and enjoying my motherhood. Then two more children came into my life. My children are the most beautiful gift I have received in life.


while they grew up I started timidly on my path in painting, which little by little  became my passion until today, when I dedicate myself full time to painting and illustrating in my home workshop.

Looking for new tools, I participated in Carmen Silva's "Composition and Human Figure Workshop" and Carmen Piemonte's "Painting Workshop", great teachers.

My first individual exhibition: "Sueños de Mujer", I did it in 2002, in Las Brisas de Chicureo, Santiago, Chile. I highlight it because I consider it the starting point of my career as a painter.

After this exhibition I have had the opportunity to participate in many more, individual and collective, within Chile and abroad, of which I would like to highlight:

2007: "Mother and Daughter in Art", House of Culture, Arica, Chile.

2008: “Art without Borders”, individual, Guernica Gallery,Dominican Republic.

2009: “Color and Light Ensemble”, Jadite  Gallery, Manhattan, NYC, USA.

2010: “For the Love of Art”, Individual, Sala Los Dominicos, Las  Condes Cultural Corporation,Santiago, Chile.

2011: "Latin American Yearbook of Plastic Arts", Faculty of Law,Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2012: "SURMUJER Meeting", as a guest artist. Valdivia, Chile.

2013: "Masters of Imagination", Agora Gallery, Manhattan,NYC, USA.

2014: "Spring", Individual, Civic Center Art Space, Municipality of Vitacura,Santiago, Chile.

2016: "Mandalas" Solo /Artyfact Gallery / Manhattan,NYC, USA.

2018: Individual Exhibition "Everything is and is in me" / Casa Grau Foundation Art Room,Bogota Colombia.

2018 :"Tree...from earth to heaven"  Individual at Centro Cultural de Colina,Santiago, Chile.

2019 : ART FAIR Spectrum Miami 2019 , December ,Miami, USA.

2019 : Exhibition "The Receptive" Art Room Campus Providencia, SEK University.Santiago, Chile

2023: Collective exhibition at Van Gogh Art Gallery,Madrid Spain

         “Art Fair Monaco”, represented by Van Gogh Gallery,Monaco,France

         "Art Fair London" organized by Saatchi gallery , represented by Southtrip gallery ,London,Great Britain

My work has expanded into the world of illustration outside the country. In this area I would like to highlight my collaborations for:

2016: Illustration of the book “Rituels de Femmes pour s’épanouir au Rythme des Saisons”, byMarianne Grasselli/                         Editions Le Courrier du Livre, Paris, France.


2016: Illustration "Agenda 2017 Year of Value" byLouise L. Hay, forUrano Editions, Barcelona, Spain.


2017:  Illustration book "Female Rituals for the 4 Seasons", byMarianne Grasselli/Editions                                    Urano_Spain


          Illustration book "Le Chemin de Grace" byMarianne Grasselli/Editions Le Courrier du Livre, Paris, France.


2018: Illustration "Agenda 2018, Year of Equanimity" byLouise L.Hay, forUrano Editions, Barcelona                      Spain.   

2019: - Illustration "Agenda 2019, Year of Reconciliation" byLouise L. Hay, forUrano Editions, Barcelona,                        Spain. 

        - Illustration Ritual Cards "Guardians of the Earth", ofMarianne Grasselli/editions Le Courrier du Livre,              Paris, France. 

 2020: Illustration  "Agenda 2020 year of Self-care" byLouise L. Hay, forUrano Editions, Barcelona,                       Spain. 

 2021: Illustration Ritual Cards "Les Semeuses" by Monique Grande,  editions Le Courrier du Livre,                                    Paris France.  






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